“The Silver Spoon” New Potatoes with Rosemary

There is a big, white, heavy cookbook called “the Silver Spoon” originally made in Italian for Italian mamas and was supposed to be a classic, along the lines of “The Betty Crocker Cookbook” or “The Fannie Farmer Cookbook” or “The Joy of Cooking”  on this side of the pond. When it was finally translated into English, my husband bought me a copy assuring me that all the real Italian mamas had a dog-eared, wine stained copy of this on their shelves, along with a huge crucifix in each bedroom and an Alfa Romeo in each garage. (Although I suspect they are actually little dinky Fiats or even dinkier Smart Cars. Lets hope the Smart Cars are smarter than my supposed ‘Smart’ phone or I feel very sorry for them cause my phone is crap.)

There are 3 recipes per page and they are not very detailed. You had better know your way around a kitchen before trying out one of these recipes. But what they lack in details, they make up for in quantity of recipes in this mega 1199 page resource  (not counting the index which is another 60 pages.)!!

But you can put your fingers on recipes for anything from anchovies and egg sauce tartines to egg stuffed eggplant to octopus in red wine to Zuppa de Zucca (which sounds like a ride you might find at your local fair, the kind of ride to make you throw up on your way home.)

While I may not have tried very many recipes in here (I usually just don’t think of it. If I ever bring home octopus though, this is definitely the book I am grabbing!) the ones I have tried have become beloved favorites. And while I was looking up one of my potato fav’s I found a new one I wanted to try. It is simply called ‘New Potatoes in Rosemary’ and it is very simple to make. Why didn’t I ever think of this?

These are absolutely my new favorite way to make potatoes. Especially in the summer when there is NO WAY you want to turn on the oven around dinner time.

Unless you have central AC.

And you have a husband who isn’t going to go ballistic when he gets the electric bill for that month.

I took a photo of the potatoes while they were cooking and I took a pic of the cold leftovers in the bowl when we were all long done. In the middle I was a little preoccupied and forgot. Which reminds me. My daughter took a class just last weekend on food photography and it is harder than it looks, involving a lot of artistic intuition which we do not all have in abundance.  I did not get the artsy gene. Or the humor gene. I got loads of the ‘just get it done’ gene.

Oh yeah, potatoes.

Here they are cooking:

IMG_4024 (800x598)It is very simple. So simple that they actually didn’t even bother telling you some of the details. Luckily this is one of the few recipes that they took a picture of.

IMG_4023 (800x598)

You take your small potatoes, red, white, whatever.

You cut them in half, long ways. In the cookbook they fail to mention this part and I guess it would work even if they were whole, it would just take a lot longer and would not give you that golden crispy side. But the picture showed them cut.

You simply put 2 Tbsp of butter in a skillet large enough to handle the amount of potatoes you want to make.

Add the oil, about a scant 1/2 cup. This is a generous amount I think, but it works well.

add 1 garlic clove (1-bah! 2 or 3 at least)

Put in a sprig or two of rosemary.

Turn on the heat, medium high. Put a lid on it. Let it fry/steam until fork tender. Remove from pan and discard garlic and rosemary. Salt and pepper potatoes in a serving bowl or on plates.

I only thought of taking a picture after we were done with the 2 little leftover spuds.
I only thought of taking a picture after we were done with the 2 little leftover spuds. The one on the right is very crispy. I ate it after taking this pic.



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