You know the summer heat has set in when the coconut oil is melted

(I started this post 3 weeks ago. I think it is too late to warn you, you probably figured it out already.)

We here in Southern California have been blessed with a mild summer. Yes, we are in a terrible drought and the price of everything has skyrocketed recently due to that and other considerations, but overall, we have at least been able to cool off at night.

But then the coconut melted.

Up until now, it has been holding solid. This morning I pulled it out to fry eggs with and it was a liquid, with semi-slooshy white in still in it. But the melt is on the way. And the heat-of-death follows.

Granted, I had the oven on early today to bake cookies for an order from my mumm. She likes to reward her kind neighbors, who take out her trash cans, with home-made cookies. It’s probably my last chance to bake for a while. Because once the coconut oil melts…well its time to head for the hills. Quite literally. Mountains… Tahoe? Arrowhead? Big Bear? Sequoia’s?

It’s time to look up all your friends with pools. Or central air conditioning.

It’s the reason everyone leaves Italy in August. Their coconut oil melted. Only a few people stay to take care of the silly tourists who don’t know that the coconut oil has all melted and its time to go elsewhere.  North. Iceland maybe. Siberia even. For heavens sake…THE COCONUT OIL HAS MELTED! GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

And cook cool.

imagesHere is a light and cool lunch or dinner to make. Quesadillas!

Or apple walnut salad with grilled cheese.

Or how about some of grandmas Cheesecake Pie?

Of course, Trifles in summer are a perfect pairing.

Good luck. If you have some cool ideas, pass them along.


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