Amazing Brownies free from gluten, dairy or eggs

If you are wondering what to do for you gluten free friends…

la petite kitchen

(No one seemed to notice that there was no cocoa in this recipe. I am editing it now, for my own benefit. They aren’t very brownie-ish without that cocoa!)

Congratulations to Iris, my Pampered Chef lady and unstoppable cook! Her brownies won 1st place at the OC Fair and deservedly so. I have had them. They really are amazing. How the heck you can make brownies without all the brownie stuff like butter and eggs? But it’s for real!

No kidding.

You have to try these if you have any food allergies in the house. Even if you don’t, these are just plain good. And Iris likes to use the Pampered Chef brownie pan for lots of chewy edge pieces. The picture is small though, sorry. It does not do them justice.

She has graciously given me permission to share this recipe with all of you. So here goes.


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