What?? Dried beet greens?

(It’s spring, time to plant those beets. Or time to hit up the farmers markets and let them do all the work. Here was my moms garden 2 years ago, bless her. That is where I discovered wonderful beet green chips. So this is a re-post to remind you how to do it.)

I have to admit, I am not much of a fan of greens. I like wilted spinach salad. And give me any greens in a nice tossed salad.

But cook up a mess of greens and my upper lip starts to twitch.

Older son introduced us to dried seaweed. Now its all the rage, even to having big lighter-than-air boxes of the stuff at Costco! It is very dark green salty, crispy and gives the impression of being good for you. Works for me.

Now my mother is growing an amazing wonderful, nuclear powered garden this year full of beets, tomatoes and corn among other things. It looks kind of like this:

Gadzooks!  Small back plot in a raised bed. It must be soil from another planet.

My mom loves beets. Yee-um! She even made a jar of Harvard beets and no one makes those anymore. These were fresh from her garden and there ain’t nothing as good as any vegy right out of the garden, even a beet. Well I don’t know what made her think to do it, I guess she didn’t want to waste the beet greens. She didn’t really like them just cooked up in the “mess o’ greens” fashion.

Well, she did it. Turned them into seaweed squares, almost. She dried them in the oven, just sprinkled with a little salt. She said all she did was spray non-stick on the pan, lay the cleaned greens on it, sprinkle table salt and bake on a low heat until crispy. Then she brought some over and ya know what?

They were great!

Salty, crispy and light. And good for you! I could feel vitamins and iron coursing through my veins as I ate them. And I got #2 son to eat them too! He didn’t dive in with enthusiasm of course. He was suspicious at first, but admitted that they weren’t bad. For his being almost 15, I’ll take that as a compliment.

Before drying
After drying. Not too pretty, but great to eat.

Now we have a new weapon tool in our arsenal to get the little rugrats (and us big ones too) to eat their greens!


4 thoughts on “What?? Dried beet greens?

  1. Wow!!! I followed the instructions for toasting the beet greens in the oven and I was bowled over. I ate three pans of them and am making more to share. thanks for posting.

  2. Last week the most beautiful beet greens arrived attached to some gorgeous orange and yellow beets and I sadly threw them out because I have tried to save beet greens (telling myself I’m going to cook with them) in the past and I always end up never doing anything. Next time I will do this ^_^
    PS: I have been loving scrubbing beets clean and then shaving them super thin on the mandolin to toss in salads. They retain their beautiful color and are crunch and tasty — not to mention full of healthy enzymes for your gut 😉

  3. Really? I always regretted that I do not really like beets. I know they are good for you. I will try this with the family. There are many vegetables I do not liked cooked that are wonderful in salads, such as broccoli and spinach.Thanks for the tip.

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