Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake


20170702_022250770_iOS (2)Here is a moist and delicious cake for all seasons. And I bet you cant even tell by looking how much of the cake got left behind in the bundt pan, and had to be dug out and layered back on top and glued in place with icing. Great huh?

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Carrot Cake

This was a recipe originally from Taste of Home that I found so long ago, I had it written down on a recipe card.

hummdinger cake

You know, not printed up on a computer or anything like that. Just hand written. Straight out of magazine I probably borrowed from my mom.

Its a great cake, a favorite among cake eaters, easy to whip up and-did I mention?- its got carrots so fiber, right? And pineapple! And nuts! Heck, this is practically a breakfast food, probably better for you than a bowl of cereal!

I print it here, now, just for you. So you can make your basic and delicious and much requested carrot cake. Continue reading “Carrot Cake”

Gingerbread Cake

(Here is an old favorite I made again last night. Its been 7 years since the original post, so I thought I would dust it off and bring it out for a run around the internet world before retiring again.)

So, what was your first cookbook? The one you got for your wedding, or Christmas, maybe when you first moved out? Mine was a Christmas gift from my dear mother. The “Betty Crocker Cookbook”  which is now missing it’s spine, is yellowed and stained with the ripply pages of a book that has had flour and egg wiped off with a wet towel. I still refer to it on occasion. Its the “new and revised” edition from 1978. (gosh, before lots of you were born!) Continue reading “Gingerbread Cake”

Caramel Cake

Apparently caramel cake is a southern thang. I had been collecting recipes for this cake for a while, always a bit wistfully, waiting for an excuse to make it.

I finally tried it out for our church bake sale, selling it by the slice. It became my new BFF and I even made it myself for my birthday last November. (I couldn’t trust anyone else to get the frosting just right, don’t ya’ know.) And if I am deadnburied, feel free to make this on my birthday and remember me with fondness, while biting in to the soft caramely goodness.

here it is with a few slices left to it. Enough for me and you.

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French Kings Cake (Galette des Rois)

Epiphany. The Magi. Feasting. Cakes with little plastic babies in them. Or not.

We were invited to a friends home for a lovely Epiphany party a few days after Epiphany and I was in charge with bringing the kings cake.Which is fine and I looked up recipes. I just needed to make a sweet dough, use an almond filling, roll it up, etc.


Not even close. Nope.

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Nonna’s Pie Cake

Is it a cake?

Is it a pie?

Is it a pake?

or a Cie?

Can you eat it in a house? Can you eat it with a mouse?


This is a recipe from Rita’s Grandma, (pie crust Rita)  which, in typical Italian jargon, is called Nonna. She used to make these and now Rita makes these. I am going to make these and maybe you will make these them and we will spread the pie-cake love around the world.

Blueberry Pie Cake with whipped cream and the traditional mint garnish
Blueberry Pie Cake with whipped cream and the traditional mint garnish

You can use any kind of pie filling, this just happens to be blueberry. At least I think it was. Sometimes I add berries to the pie filling I buy. Adding blueberries to this blueberry pie filling. Or adding raspberries to apple pie filling etc. Continue reading “Nonna’s Pie Cake”

German Chocolate Cake and some cake tips

Happy Birthday Honey! Here is your favorite cake…

IMG_3258My hubby just has a birthday (again! This keeps happening, every darn year.)

His favorite cake happens to be German Chocolate cake. Okay then, sweetie,, just for you. (and about 8 other people).

I started with a devils food cake mix, got out my Cake Mix Doctor Book and went to work.

A little buttermilk, a bit of cocoa, eggs, oil and I made 2- 8″ round cakes. Funny, but most of the recipes called for 3- 8″ rounds. The thing is, on at least 2 recipes I reviewed, it said to grease 2 cake pans, but then, when it came time to frost the cakes, you were to add the 3rd cake! Hmmm. Tricksie people.So I suggest when you make it, break it into 3 pans. Continue reading “German Chocolate Cake and some cake tips”

Red Velvet Cake, the easy way, using a mix

Someone around here had a birthday recently!

Someone who turned 26 and has been going to civil war reenactments for 10 years now. Someone who has a civil war rifle named Marabelle that he shoots off every 4th of July and New Years, who prefers to sleep on the cold, hard, damp ground under the stars than in his white canvas civil war tent. Someone who loves to eat hash out of the can that has been heated up by the campfire, burnt on the bottom and cold in the middle and is trying to grow a handlebar mustache; who loves the smell of black powder in the air on a ‘battle field’ and is always asking me to make hard tack.

He also loves Red Velvet Cake!

He is not much of a cake eater, usually preferring fruit crisps or trifles. But his girlfriend reminded me of this one exception.

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Baptist Pound Cake

(Just made this today for Easter dessert of strawberry shortcake. It was so easy and turned out fabulous, so I am re-posting it. It was either this or toffee sticky pudding cake, another of our favorites. Of course neither one has chocolate, so our chocolate lovers are left in the lurch. But even they took notice when they got some of this cake covered in strawberries and whipped cream. I love it all naked on the plate too)

This came from a beloved and ragged, well loved book put together by Home Ec. teachers of Alabama back in the day.

Mrs. Blair told me some stories about this recipe.

“One Mothers Day her and her husband heard a commotion in the kitchen from the children. James (her husband), said to just let them be and see what happens. They were maybe 8 and 6 years old. Darned if they didn’t successfully make this Baptist pound cake all by themselves! We’ll never know how they did it. They were so proud and excited. I guess they saw me making it often enough.” Continue reading “Baptist Pound Cake”

Chocolate Cake-exquisite and (coincidently) vegan

Chocolate Cake-awake. Or ‘cakey-wakey’.

Thats what I am when I am up at 2 in the morning, legs twitching, brain racing after having a piece of cake after dinner.Guess I had better stick to having it for breakfast.

Mummy came over yesterday and brought a stack of mags, like she frequently does. Its her bit to help recycle. This “Cuisine at Home” in particular looked promising. I might have been hungry, but every recipe looked fabulous! I almost drooled on the pages. Was it a scratch and sniff because I could practically smell the food? It started with shrimp risotto and  ended with a moist looking old-fashioned chocolate cake.

Nothing fancy, just as delicious as can be

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