Crumb Buns or Best Streusel Coffeecake Ever!

I just had to share this with you (and the future me, in case I forget).20170127_164803163_ios

It is only just the best coffeecake I can recall ever eating! It’s a yeasted dough, soft,  moist with incredible crumbles of streusel on top.

I just bought, on a whim, a copy of the newest “Cooks Country” magazine. We were browsing the shelves at Barnes and Noble on my dear hubby’s birthday, before going out to dinner. Bookstore exploring is a long standing tradition, going back to our dating years, in the age of the dinosaur (or the age of the used bookstores on every corner).

Warning, if you just want this fabulous recipe, either go out and get the Cooks
Country magazine for Feb/March 2017 or see below. If you are not in a hurry, then… Continue reading “Crumb Buns or Best Streusel Coffeecake Ever!”


Ask your date “where have you been all my life?”

This will be my second recipe using dates as the star player.

Previously I had Sticky Toffee Pudding cake .

Oh man. I am remembering this cake. Or is it pudding? The British would call it a pudding. But then they call cookies biscuits and french fried chips,  so…

I want that cake for my birthday. Warm, sticky, soft and gooey. But still cakey. How does it do it? It’s the magic of dates.

Dates bring this whole new element to a recipe, with almost a honey like sticky texture and little pits that look like a cross between a walnut and an almond. As you dice them up they will stick to your knife and you will have to pick the pits out with sticky fingers. It’s all in the fun.

Wait, I’ll be right back. I need another slice of this “cinnamon date coffeecake” I just made, while it’s still warm. And a glass of milk.

That is what I wanted to share with you today. The recipe for this versatile and relatively quick coffeecake. No yeast involved. I suppose you could even use a baking mix and I will try it next time. I just purchased some Mary Janes Farms Organic Budget Mix that will do the job beautifully I think. Here is a picture so you can see where we are going.

Isn’t she beautiful, so shy, so dainty…oops, I forgot I am going to eat it.

Now mind you, I don’t really nibble on dates right from the box like my oldest son does. Like apples, which are great eaten raw, dates are even better, exponentially better, when baked into something. Don’t ask me why, it just is! In fact, now I wonder if I mightn’t put some dates in my next apple crisp! But then apple crisp is already so sweet and so are dates. I think cranberries in apple crisp would be more of a contrast. But I digress. Continue reading “Ask your date “where have you been all my life?””

Grandma Janets Fabulous Crumbcake

Janie and friend Elaine on graduation day! Get a load of that car!

Again, I hate including posts with no pictures. I make this often enough, I will be able to put a snap of it soon though. But in the mean time, aren’t these old photos cool?

Okay, now (2 1/2 months later) I have the pics! I woke up this morning and it was foggy out. We should be hot as blazes out there in early Sept., but this is an unusualy cool summer. (horray!)So, as a reflex action when I see cool weather in the mornings, I turned on the oven and thought about what to pop into it. I have buttermilk. We have guests who spent the night. Crumbcake is easy-breezy to make, good for sharing, yep, thats the one. So here you go with the rest of the original post, and new pictures.

This is Grandma Janets (above left) Crumb cake. I swear that Mimis cafe stole this idea from her for their “buttermilk spice muffins”. The original recipe calls for sour milk. I know you can “sour” milk by adding lemon juice to milk and waiting a bit. But I just use buttermilk. It gives it fabulous texture and flavor. And I have a whole thing about sour milk and milk in general. (←click the ‘milk ‘if you really want to know). Continue reading “Grandma Janets Fabulous Crumbcake”