Shrimp Scampi

(Here is a 5 year old post that needs freshening up. Its still useful and just needed a little updating, as in zucchini noodles.)

It’s another Friday night and I need a meatless dinner idea. So of course, I go to my blog. I take into account it is enormously hot out and that is not very inspiring. Lets add some hot flashed to that and sweat slithering down my back and face. So I had better keep it simple. Didn’t I see a bag of Trader Joes shrimp collecting hoarfrost in the deep freeze? Well, what can I do with that today? I have often made a shrimp scampi pizza, recipe courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen cookbook on my shelf. But really, its something Phil and I share, not so much my other men. That and I have no pizza dough on hand.So I looked up a couple of recipes, took what I had on hand and made this wonderful dish, in no time flat! It really belongs in the easy-peasy category. Here is what I used: Continue reading “Shrimp Scampi”