Saucy Sweet Potatoes with Apples

I kind of like the idea of being called ‘saucy and sweet’. Better than ‘cranky and bitter’.

Well these potatoes are neither cranky n or bitter.

It is a fabulous dish to have even if its summer and too hot to bake. Hubby picked out the apple bits at the end because he said it tasted like apple pie and, being gluten free, that was something he really didn’t have any more.

It’s so easy, you don’t really need a recipe per say.


All I used were a few  sweet potatoes that I peeled, sliced and simmered in some water until tender. Drain, dice into chunks and set aside. Continue reading “Saucy Sweet Potatoes with Apples”


Is-this-for-real? sweet potato mash

Well How-dee! I actually got to watch Americas Test Kitchen on TV on Monday! They have it on the weekends, but I don’t get to watch much TV on weekends (unless it’s the Dr. Who marathon, of course). So I was pretty surprised when I sat down to take a break on Monday and there was not only Test Kitchen on TV but Cooks Country (also belonging to that group) was on right after it! I wiggled in and got comfy in the recliner to watch.

An hour later, after cleaning up all the drool from myself and the recliner, I plotted which of these wonderful meals I could make. If they would just make the food and leave it at that, but then they zoom in on cutting it open or spooning it out, eating it and making all those “ohhh” and “ahhhh” and other yummy noises. I… cannot…resist…must..make…

Mashed Sweet Potatoes, not your so-sweet-its-almost-dessert kind we all have had at holidays.

I already had a chicken defrosted and dang if none of todays recipes needed chicken. But I did have 1 sweet potato, so I figured I could buy a couple more and make at least the mashed sweet potatoes they did. It looked amazing and, it turned out, was amazing in real life.

But… about the sweet potatoes. The one I had was a red one. You know, with the deep orange insides. So I went to my local Asian H-Mart, which always has the best produce prices and picked up what I thought was a couple more red sweet potatoes. At least they looked the same on the outside. So imagine my surprise when I went to peel the first one and it was white inside! What is going on here?!

I was disgruntled and irritated. They looked the same on the outside. Usually the pale yellow ones are pale yellow on the outside too. These were white sweet potatoes camouflaging themselves as red ones. What a world.

But, it’s still a sweet potato so I carried on. Stiff upper lip and all that. I followed the recipe, I think from Cooks Country and was so wowed by it, I just had to share, so here you go…


4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces
3 tablespoons heavy cream
1 teaspoon sugar
1/8  teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 pounds sweet potatoes (2 large or 3 medium), peeled, quartered lengthwise, and cut into 1/4-inch-thick slices

1. Combine butter, 2 tablespoons cream, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, sugar, and sweet potatoes in large saucepan. Cook, covered, over low heat until potatoes are fall-apart tender, 35 to 40 minutes. (this is the amazing part. You add no water. The sweet potatoes have enough moisture in them to create their own steam, clever vegetables.)

2. Off heat, add remaining tablespoon cream and mash sweet potatoes with potato masher. Serve.

Thats it! And (wait, I need to find a fan, where was I?) I don’t know if the white ones were extra sweet. The mash came out more peachy colored than orange. I did not add the cayenne and only added a bit of agave. Probably didn’t even need that.

Here are some of their notes on this recipe…
Boiling sweet potatoes in lots of liquid–as you would regular potatoes–is not a good idea. Sweet potatoes will soak up too much water, and the resulting mash will be a soggy mess. Better to cook them in a small amount of liquid. Just 2 tablespoons of heavy cream (plus a little butter), along with the water released from the sweet potatoes as they cook, is enough to steam them into tenderness.
WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS:While developing our Smokehouse Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe, we found that the right temperature and the right slice were key. We thinly sliced the sweet potatoes and cooked them covered, on the stove top, on low heat with a small amount of butter and cream. The low heat allowed the potatoes in our recipe to release their liquid, which produced the steam that cooked them.
1. Combine butter, 2 tablespoons cream, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, sugar, and sweet potatoes in large saucepan. Cook, covered, over low heat until potatoes are fall-apart tender, 35 to 40 minutes.

So for more you can click on the this link that might take you straight to that recipe, or click on the links above. And don’t be afraid if your sweet potatoes turn out to be white alien looking tubers!